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Give Your Elevators the Attention They Need

by Hiring Our Exceptional Elevator Repair Experts

Gain peace of mind over the safety of your clients with annual elevator repair contracts at Trintronics Elevator,Inc. Our elevator maintenance company is here to provide pre-inspection and yearly packages to make sure your elevators are in proper and safe working conditions. Your worries are taken care of when we're on the job! Contact us today for an elevator repair contract that keeps your equipment in great shape.

Premium Pre-Inspection Packages

Ensure your elevators and equipment are in good hands by choosing Trintronics Elevator,Inc. for your repairs and inspections. When you turn to us for a pre-inspection package, we ensure your elevator parts and equipment are in top form, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your passengers.

Our Package Services:

 • Painting of Car Top & Frames
 • Replacement of Hanger Rollers & Pickup Assemblies
 • Replacement of Any Rusted Hydraulic Lines
 • Cleaning of All Tracks & Shafts, Including Electrical Contactors

Annual Inpections:

When your initial inspection is complete, it's time to sign up for an annual elevator repair contract. Our contracts are the perfect way for you to keep your elevators running smoothly. With a contract, you guarantee your elevator is up to code and safe for use through quality safety tests administered by state and county inspectors. These tests include pressurized inspections, safety tests, and equipment testing. 

Maintenance Contracts:

You never have to worry about elevator repairs waiting until morning when you choose Trintronics Elevator, Inc. We provide 24 hour/7 day service callbacks with our 1-year maintenance contracts. Your contract covers any and all types of proper maintenance when you need it most, including:

Lubrication & Adjustments for Mechanical Machinery
Proper Checks & Adjustments on All ADA Equipment • Inspections for All Electrical Emergency Systems

Receive a comprehensive elevator repair contract that meets all of your maintenance needs by calling us now at (888) 398-6477.